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KANAZAWA - Samurai Town
Learn about the world of another Japanese icon:
The samurai.

Kanazawa had Shinkansen bullet train routes in mid March, 2015. Located between the Sea of Japan and the Japanese Alps in western Japan, Kanazawa is considered one of the country’s best places to learn about samurai history.
Some years ago, this city was praised as a little Kyoto, but technically it hasn’t received so much influence from the court nobles’ city. Kanazawa has been flourishing since the Lord Maeda moved here for governing the region during the Sengoku or “Warring States” period, thus local people humbly boast of this city as a samurai town.

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Kurumazaki Shrine in Kyoto

Kurumazaki ShrineKurumazaki-jinja -Shrine of the Broken Carriage- was named after an accident that took place. The gods have been thought to improve studiousness, help businesses to prosper and cancel debts. Those who come to pray take a small pebble from the shrine office. On the surface they write their hopes and wishes, and if these things come true they return the stone to the shrine, plus one other in payment and gratitude. This shrine is also well-known for its patron deity of the performing arts. It is therefore visited by many famous stars who come here to offer prayers so that they can give better stage performances or rise in popularity. If you wish to sing or dance better, it might be a good idea to pay a visit to this shrine.

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