kabukiza_1_line_tw.jpg Kabuki / NohKabuki and Noh are the crucial element of Japanese traditional theatre.Kabuki is usually performed using an old-fasioned form of Japanese language that even natives may find hart to follow. Some theatres can provide guests with English narration via headsets.The performances of Noh play are more concentrated towards drama,music,dance and poetry as compared to Kabuki. Noh is always performed on a square stage with a pine tree painted in the background. 2008rachel_sold_045.jpg Japanese garden & BonsaiBonsai is a minature replica of landscape, and its goal is to represent the nature in a little pot. Bon is a word for bowl or tray,and Sai means plant in Japanese.Bonsai was often used to express the thoughts of connection between human beings, nature and soul. img_4913.jpg Japanese traditional danceYou can take a step back in time to learn a traditional Japanese dance.It is the same graceful dance that Japanese Geisha girls famously perform while entertaining. Japanese traditional dance form can borrow elements from Kabuki theatre or incorporate props, such as fans or parasols. You watch and try to mimic the dance in short segments with the music. dscf3305_20210706165057301.jpg Tea CeremonyJapanese tea ceremony is a traditional and ceremonial way of preparing and drinking green tea,typically in a traditional tearoom with Tatami floor. One of the main purposes of the tea ceremony is for the guests to enjoy the hospitality of the host in an atomosphere distinct from the fast pace of everyday life. dinner_with_geisha.jpg Dinner with Maiko / Geisha Geisha girls are a Japanese traditional entertainer and performer. They are cultually elite group who are highly forcused on beauty and authentic in general. Maiko are trainee Geisha who typically undergo training from their mid teens to early twenties. img_5001.jpg Japanese drums - TaikoA Japanese drum is a Jaoanese traditional instrument which i necessary for festivals and school events. But hitting on Japanese drum can be good excercises, and its heavy bass sound makes you feel relaxed. You can experience playing a Japanese drum. The professional player teaches you how to play this authentic instrument. img20200408131047704958.jpg SumoSumo is one of the oldest sports in the world. Everything in Sumo is symbolic of something.Salt purifies the ring and stamping on the ground chases away evil spirits. Obviously, Sumo is a religious sport related to interesting Shamanistic and Shinto customs. img20200413105226709298.jpg Zen-meditationZen-meditation is traditional Buddhist discipline. One of the many benefits of Zen-meditation is that it provides insight into how the mind works. The deepest purpose is spiritual, as the practice of Zen-meditaion uncovers the innate clarity and workability of the mind. The true key to happiness and well-being is not wealth or fame.It lies within us. img20200408160008234061.jpg Natural Sand BathIbusuki is located in Kagoshima,Kyushu region. This town is known for the unique sand bath with naturally heated sand, besides regular hot spring baths. This sand bath brings great effects for bodies such as relaxing muscles, detox and better blood circulation. sake_brewery.jpg Sake BreweryTake a tour at a traditional Sake Brewery. You will discover the history of Sake while touring a traditional brewery. You will get a chance to learn the unique characteristics of different varieties of Sake.  Experience Japanese Culture & Tradition

 To gain a true understanding of another culture's way of life, sense of values,
and way of thinking, there is nothing as powerful as physical experience- appreciating a Noh performance
or sitting in a tearoom -that one begines to see the essence of Japanese culture.
Atlas Japan Tour offers full range of culturarl experinences.
Such experiences should help you understand Japan more deeply.

~ 座禅 ~

Tea Ceremony
~ 茶道 ~

Geisya and Maiko
~ 芸者&舞子 ~


Japanese Garden
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ANIME and Technology
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