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The snow monkeys at Yudanaka were worth the walk up the mountain. It was an amazing sight to see them in a natural environment. The visit to the Toba aquarium was an eye-opener. It is not a big aquarium but it has many varieties of interesting aquatic creatures that beats many other bigger aquariums around the world (and I have visited quite a few). The sunrise from my room at Hojeon over the bay was a beautiful sight. Koyasan is a beautiful place that deserves more than a 1-day visit. I will go back there and stay overnight in 1 of the temples.

We arrived home today – after 3 weeks on the road.We had a wonderful time in japan – and you have a part in creating this feeling, because your experienced inputs enabled an effective flow of the plan.
1. The suggestion to send heavy luggage and not carry it in the trains was very helpful. We did it 4 times including the trip from Hiroshima to kansai.
2. The hotels were in general good, and located in good places.
3. We had problems with the menues in hakone and Koyasan – but it was our problem, and part of the experience.
4. Your guides were great: knowledgable and eager to give us maximum help and good time. In particular: junko in tokyo and fuji, and hiroko who prepared helpful explanatory pages to teach us somewhat of your language while driving from Kyoto to nara.
5. The way you handled the misfortune of our friends, promptly taking care of the refund – is probabely the highest rank of tour service that I experienced – and I saw many many travel agents in my life. All in all – We feel we got excellent value for our money. I shall make appropriate posts in israely tour sites – hopefully bring you more business.

First of all, thank you for having a wonderful and safe trip in your country. Everytime we visit Japan, we knew that it would be a relaxing one. The drivers who picked us up at the airport, hotels and sent us back to the airport were very punctual and courteous. Our guide is very kind. We enjoyed a lot at Niseko village especially the kids playing with the snow since we don't have winter in our country. There were lots of activities at Niseko, we rode the gondola all the way up the summit just to see the breathaking view of the entire village below. When we were at Windsor Toya, the place is so big and quiet. We tried the motorized sled with driver and toured us around for twenty mins. Sapporo city was just fine, we ate ramen and salmon roe. Overall, we enjoyed our trip in Hokkaido. Thanks to you again and all the people who accompanied us.

I want to inform you about my stay in Kanazawa together with the fellow traveller. Both of us from Sweden.We were met at the Kanazawa Station by our host father in a very warm way and in the same way by host mother at their home. Immediately we felt at home and both our host father and mother took very good care of us. From the first moment to the last moment we enjoyed every minute and the stay could not be better. Our host family let us experience Japan and Kanazawa in a wonderful way and during our three weeks tour in Japan the visit in Kanazawa was one our best experiences. When we left we really were sad and we would have liked to stay more days together with them. I congratulate your agency on having those persons in the home stay programme. Thank you very much for the visit in Kanazawa, a memory for the rest of my life.

Hi there! I was so preoccupied with work that is why I always replied late, my apology. Yes, we had another great time in Japan. Visiting your country in this time of the year is perfect cause not too cold and very nice autumn foliage. The itinerary that you tailored for us were just fine and balanced, never was a day that we had a hard time. The only thing that bothered me was when we changed train from Echi-goyuzawa to Tokyo. It was only 9 mins. to transfer and I thought that we could not make it cause when I looked at my watch it was 13:04 (time to depart) and we were still in the middle of the escalator. Thank God that we catched the train. It was an experience not to be easily forgotten. Anyway, thank you for giving us another memorable vacation and you were a part of it. Regards to all of you there.

We are 100% satisfied, organization of all excursions and whole tour was perfection. Japan as the country made huge impression on us, Your country is beautifull and the most modern. We were especially impressed by Mt Fuji excursion and accomodation in Gora Kadana hotel. I would like to thank for for arranging very nice itinerary and that organisation of the tour was perfect! Once again thank you and best regards.

At first we were a bit hesitant to transact online knowing that many scams abound. But the moment we saw the assistant at the waiting area with our name on it we were relieved. We had a very wonderful Christmas vacation in your country. The weather is cold and the kids enjoyed the snow when we had the hakone bus tour. Japanese are very courteous and refined people. They bow their heads to show respect to others and say "ohayo gotai mas" , it isgood morning in English if I am not mistaken. Japan has a very extensive network of transportation from buses to shinkansen to subways and jr lines and they leave and arrive on time. We were impressed and the environment is very clean anywhere. Our guide were great, they treated us well in all our itinerary. Foods in the grocery are very expensive compared to ours and dresses also. Overall, our trip was a memorable and meaningful one, thanks once again.

Seeing the first time the Fuji mountain with all its splendor, was a WOW moment,and the Sakura. THE Hiroshima visit was very touchy for us ,We can compare it to the Holocaust that our people went through in WW II.On the other hand the Visit to Takayama, The festival and Shirakawago were interesting the area resembles the Alps. As I said already we enjoyed the tour in Japan very much .Next time I would like to do Hokkaido island .!

I`d like to express my and Olga`s special thanks to you for this trip. Everything was great! As you know, this is my 2nd trip (first was 15 years ago), and I`ve discovered Japan once again for myself. We enjoyed the trip very much and we will come definately back to Japan. I would like to express a special thanks to Hitomi san for excellent arrangements! Thank you very much and domo arigato gozaimasu!

We appreciated to be free for our Japan trip, but always with a security provide by a good organization of our travel by your agency. All the meeting with the guides were ok. Before the trip, you were able to answer to all our questions and change what we wanted. Then no bad surprise during the trip, only good surprises. Your country is very beautiful and we think the japones people is always kindly and friendly with visitors. Your culture is great and we need a next time in your country to discover more and more. Thanck you for all. We will speak about your agency in our website and with our friends.

I want to tell you that we had a very fine time, partly due to your close attention to details and your very good planning. Each guide was very well prepared (because of you) and did their best to see that we learned and enjoyed. They were also very flexible in adjusting the itinerary to make it more efficient and to cater to our interests. Thanks for a great job. I recognize that there were many details for you to attend to and you didn’t miss anything!

You beat us to it. We were going to write and tell you how much we enjoyed our trip with Atlas tours to Japan. Especially our time with Tomoko Hiragi. She is a wonderful and exceptional guide and person. She took special care to ensure that she met all our needs. So much so that she contacted and kept the other guides informed of our likes and dislikes. She also took phone calls after we left Tokyo to help us locate restaurants etc. We shall definately make it a point to recommend Atlas Tours to our friends if and when they plan to visit Japan.

Extremely well planned , we covered all the main attractions and kiwaki san took extreme steps to make everyone happy. We truly enjoyed our experience in Japan and will definitely repeat the experience. Your tour company showed us how beautiful japan truly is and how polite and respectful the citizens of japan are to foreigners. Thank you for making this happen!

Mt. Fuji was a “WOW’ for us esp. for my little daughter whom was so excited about seeing snow on her first time along the road up to Mt. Fuji and we enjoyed taking pictures at the nice point which tour guide whom has great experience of avoiding crowded, she asked driver to stop at the nice point before level 5th as usual spot. We took a lot of pictures and enjoyed seeing Mt. Fuji in full vision of the height of the Mt. also nice lunch during the trip that serving in good quality and proper portion not too much not too less. Overall comments on your tour and its planning. Nice, enjoy, and worth value to the money we paid. 

The tranquility and peacefulness in Tsumago. It is just so pleasant to be there. All the meals served were superb and sumptuous. The horse sashimi which did not wanted to try initially turns out to be quite a surprise. It was good. All the transportation arrangements was like clock work. Timely and efficient. The most comfortable was at Takayama Ouan. Although the room was small, it was very comfortable and the amenities provided were international standard. We are generally pleased and satisfied will all the arrangements. Ms Hitomi has been very patient with our request and planning and without which, the entire trip may not have gone so smoothly. Most importantly, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We are looking forward to our next winter vacation at Nagano and hopefully do abit of skiing. Thank you Atlas and most of all Ms Hitomi. 

Thank you for the email and we all need to say a personal thank you to your organisation. The Japan tour was a total success and everyone l oved it to the max! My family is very impressed with the whole package and wishes I can convey their gratitude on their behalf. Your tour will be recommended for our other friends and family in the future. Once again, many many thanks for all your hard work.Enjoy the beautiful spring in Japan. 

Thank you again. This trip went really well and the group and I were very pleased. Horyu-ji temple is wonderful. The museum was fantastic. I felt that it was a good choice to stay in Nara for two nights and have the time to go here. Hida Furukawa is charming and we enjoyed the Mishima candle shop. Tokugawa Museum and Garden was fantastic and worth it. We could have spent even more time here. Lunch at Otokichi was a big success. Many people described it as their favorite meal with everything so fresh and homemade. Rice from their own field, vegetables they grew themselves, fresh wild mushrooms they picked themselves. Thank you for planning the wonderful menus. We propose offering another Japan trip in 2010. 

We want to thank you for your excellent organization and overall to Ms Miho Uno who has been very patience whit us and always prompt to respond our questions. The material we received was useful and the transportation tickets well explained and organized. We had a real great experience in your wonderful country.  

We want to thank you because the entire tour was perfect and your organization excellent, we had no problem at all.We had a nice stay in each city and everything was amazing. The giuded you proposed us was thw right choise, it gave us the opportunity to see things in accordance to our timing and taste.hanks a lot, we hope to have the possibility to came back to Japan again and surely we'd travel with Atlas Tour.   

After an enthralling honeymoon experience in beautiful Japan, we are back to base.We didn't have any hiccups as the itinerary was very clear and all hotel/transport/tours & excursions were spot on. I myself & Gayathri are really really happy to have associated and sought professional services from Atlas tours and personally your attention to detail deserves a very big thank you. On a personal note, let me know if you need a written letter of client commendation addressed to you if that helps to achieve your career goals in the company. 

From the very first moment I felt that the approach is of top quality with the aim to meet customer's needs. I cannot recall even once the use of the word 'no' by any of your representatives and this by itself is outstanding. Being the one who dealt with the set up and organization of the tour I can clearly state that never even for a moment I had the feeling that I was wrong choosing Atlas Japan Tour be the agent to handle our tour. On the contrary, each time I praised the good luck to have an agent with good will, excellent cooperation and endless devotion. Thanks to your efforts we enjoyed a beautiful great tour. The credit for this goes to each and every member of your team from junior to top management. We will cherish every moment that we spent in your beautiful country as most valuable. From deep of my heart I Thank you for a job well done !!!

I loved the tour! It was perfect. Thank you so much guys. You've planned it real well and made everything efficient and smooth, including itinerary information, payment, etc. Thanks again! Arregato gozaimas! 

Everything was perfect. We really enjoyed the tours and the fantastic country of Japan. Miho helped us a lot with our requests and everything she arranged was the best for us and for our timing in Japan. 

I was extremely pleased with the support we received from Yuki Iwami from the very beginning. She made budgeting and planning the trip very easy, which was important because it was a custom study tour for college students. She was always cooperative and very responsive. We definitely plan on using Atlas Tours again for our next study tour; it made several aspects of the trip much easier for us. We were extremely impressed with Yoki’s attention to detail – especially the ‘personal’ tea ceremony in Kanazawa – and, we suspect, making sure we had bath towels at the minsyuku. There may have been other things she did which we just took for granted – if so, we cannot thank her enough. 

I was too happy on the trip esp with the detailed arranged made by Miho San. That impressed me a lot when she met me at Kanazawa station, just to provide me the best of what she could do. I promise to contact her again on my next personal trip to other new places in japan. Thanks so much! 

Everything was perfect. We really enjoyed the tours and the fantastic country of Japan. Atlas helped us a lot with our requests and everything they arranged was the best for us and for our timing in Japan. 

Everything was very well arranged and explained, thanks a lot! Mail from Hungary

Overall, the planning is excellent with the time well spent to cover major attraction. Mail from Germany

We were part of the group. We had a great time and want to thank you and your company for the great tour that you arranged for us. Everything went well and we had no problems. Thanks again! 

This was one of the best trips I have ever taken. Our first week in Japan with our host families was too incredible and the 2nd week trip with Atlas was fantastic. 

There are not enough words to tell you how much we loved this trip, your country and its people. We absolutely loved every single moment we stayed in Japan and we were extremely sad to come back to Portugal. We surely will return to Japan, maybe not next year or in two years, but we WILL go back. We have many motives to go back: the people, the food, the sights that we didn't have time to see and, of course, to see Mount Fuji!! We couldn't see Fuji-san because it was raining heavily and there was fog in the whole Hakone region the day we went there. Also we are short of words to say thank you for everything you did for us during the preparation of this trip and on our arrival to Japan. The day we spent with you was extremely enjoyable and we appreciated very much the gift you left for us in Kyoto. I wish we can do the same for you in the near future.  

We left your beautiful country with so many good things to remember for all our life. We really enjoyed our tour which was very professionally tailor made to fit for the purpose.As I already told we have visited many countries on organized tours, but none of them was such well organized. We wish to congratulate Atlas tours for having such capable staff. We had heard about Japan's success in different fields before and now we understand you deserve it due to your nation hard and responsible and accurate performance in all duties from a bell captain boy up to top managers. We thank you very much and wish the best for you. 

Our trip was a great success and the people are full of praises. None of us can think of even something that could have been done better or in a different way. The accommodations were always in great location and the rooms were clean and friendly. The restaurants were master piece of art and the tours/sights were the best of the best. You worked it out perfect and to our full satisfaction. I can assure you that we will recommend your services to whoever will show interest in visiting Japan. Thank you again for a job well done. Warm regards from all of us and a special hug from myself. 

I received for a year a lot of help from Atlas tour and from the two persons in charge of my tour.We had few minor misunderstandings which represent only 1% of all the tour. Of course the fact we don’t communicate in our mother tongue create sometime some misunderstanding.It was my seventh time for me to come in Japan and I had the pleasure to do and see things I never did before. I prepare this tour a very selfish way and I am very pleased of it.I hope I will be able to use this experience with Atlas tour to a second trip.

Overall, the planning is excellent with the time well spent to cover major attraction. Mail from Singapore

This was one of the best trips I have ever taken. Our first week in Japan with our host families was too incredible and the 2nd week trip with Atlas was fantastic. 

Everything was very well arranged and explained, thanks a lot!  Mail from ITALY

I will recommend all myfriends who wants to visit Japan to use your agency Mail from India

The tour was very good planned. I think that we saw all of the most interesting sights in japan, that a tourist can see in 11 days. It was very well organized, and you took very good care of us. Thank you very much. 

A wonderful experience – it certainly was a great introduction for my husband and I to Japan and we appreciated the way the trip was organized and how much we did get to see and do. Well planned and executed! Thanks 

Wonderful tour we came home with lots of new experiences and are able to relive the experience with the beautiful photos we have taken. Thank you very much for the great efforts you put into making this tour such a unique experience,

It was well organized and all the things we saw were indeed worth seeing. I would not have any need to return because I feel satisfied that I saw all that I needed to see in Japan. I took a side trip to the Miho Museum and that was very beautiful. I think westerners would enjoy this museum. I also got to ride on the Nozomi 700 Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo and that was a nice experience that westerners would cherish.  

Speaking as someone who comes from a travel background (Frances) and has travelled extensively, I believe that your agency handled the tour arrangements in an excellent and most professional way. I thought the whole trip was very well thought out and arranged and was executed like clockwork. Very good job. 

All in all, I am in praise of the excellent work you did for us, not to mention the personal touches you afford us. I have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone who is looking to tour Japan. Mail from Canada 

I can tell you that you did an excellent job with the set-up/handling of our tour. I am saying it out of experience after taking care of at least dozen of the tours we had. It is rare to find someone with so much good will, care and professional knowledge like yourself. We were indeed lucky and it made our tour to be remarkable great.  

This tour was magic from the start to the end and I am very grateful to you and Rachel for organizing it in such an efficient, enjoyable and comfortable way. We saw and visited as much as can be seen and visited in 12 days and I would not add any visit of temples, shrines and castles to the program we had. I was deeply impressed by the beauty of nature, the testimonies of the past, the engineering of the present, the kindness of the people and the cleanness of the country. First of all thank you so much to you and your company.  

They really happy in these trip and they all satisfied with all arrangements. For two guides, they are very very good and very helpful to them. Well done. All the cars are good especially Yokohama cars are excellent. All the drivers are very helpful. In tomamu, they stayed many days so that they do appreciate more in Tomamu side driver who helped them a lot. Please do say thanks to guides, drivers and ski instructors. Finally, they said they got the best service in Japan Trip and they intend to come again next year. Cheer! Please keep in touch me and I do thank you again. 

A wonderful experience – it certainly was a great introduction for my husband and I to Japan and we appreciated the way the trip was organized and how much we did get to see and do. Well planned and executed! 

I think the tour was organized to the best way it could. All tour guides had the knowledge and the willingness to assist Buses were clean and drivers were very polite All went on time.