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power spot Fushimi Inari

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Power spots

— places believed to give visitors some special energy, healing or refreshing, spiritual feeling.
If you would like to put one of the power spots in your tour plan,please let us know.                

Kiyomasa's Well in Meiji Shrine Inner Garden

Kiyomasa's Well"Kiyomasa's WELL" in Tokyo. Kiyomasa`s Well, which is located in the Meiji Shrine Inner Garden. This well became famous because a Japanese celebrity went there and he claimed that he became more successful in his business. After he mentioned that on TV, people went there to see it for themselves.Since the spot became too popular, people has to wait for 5 hours to take pictures of that well. However, using the photo as a screen savor for your cell phone, it might bring you a good luck!

Horikoshi Shrine for “once- in- a lifetime- wish"

Power spot in Osaka"Horikoshi Shrine",which stands on the Tanimachi Street.,Ten-noji, Osaka. It is said that "Horikoshi Shrine” has long been known as "God who grants your wish once in your lifetime ". The Main shrine stays open until 6 p.m. (5:00 p.m. in winter).Horikoshi Shrine Power SpotIn this shrine,there is a "sacred tree" to recover from fatigue and regain energy. This sacred camphor tree is said to be 550 years old, and it has survived several lightning strikes and two fires. Such a sacred tree would be able to heal "energy deterioration" and "fatigue". By all means, touch the sacred tree wholeheartedly with your wishes.

Gaman no Oni – Ogre of Endurance to calm you down.

Power spot this week is Jorenji temple in Itabashi, Tokyo.Itabashi Jorenji Temple is home of the third largest seated Buddha in all of Japan. Tokyo DaibutsuGaman no Oni – Ogre of Endurance welcomes you here. He symbolizes patience in the face of life’s burdens.Gaman no OniIf you have a hot temper, visit him. He must help you to put aside your anger.This green and peaceful temple is not frequented by tourists, though, surely is worth seeing.

God of Water in Kifune Shrine, Kyoto

Kifune Shrine is located in North area of Kyoto and well known as a shrine of God of Water. Kifune Shrine KyotoAs it enshrines a god of water, they have a unique paper fortune telling. When you put the paper fortune slip in the holly water spring, your fortune will be appreared on the paper. Fortune tellingKifune shrine is also famous for relationship god. Write your wish on a piece of paper called “musubihumi” and tie it on the tree there.
Your wish will come true. This beautiful place of Kyoto must make you feel fresh.

Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto

Fushimi Inari ShrineFushimi Inari shrine is located in Kyoto. It is the headquarters of about 30,000 inari shrines of Japan. This shrine has magnificent torii gates.They were offered by the worshipers. Omo-Karu StoneVisitors stand in lines to wait for the fortune stone called "Omo-karu-ishi (heavy-light stone)". When you feel easy to lift up the handful of stone with your hands, your wishes will come true soon. If you feel heavy to lift it up, you need further effort to succeed.

Bungui Toge Pass in Nagano Prefecture
Zero Magnetic Field

Power spot Bungui TogeYou can experience the zero magnetic field, which is believed to bring the visitors something miracle. There are a lot of repots from the people visiting this pass experienced “Miracles”.
Many visitors say they feel refreshed. This is because this area has a lot of “Ki”-the flow of energy. Power spot bungei Pass'Ki' is not only that which flows within ourselves, but also that which flows in the entire universe. Your body should be filled with this ki. When the visitors match their 'Ki' with 'Ki' of the Zero magnetic Field of Bungui Toge, they’ll become as strong as the whole world. If you want to feel “Ki”, visit there!

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto

Kitano TenmanguIn Kita no Tenmangu in Kyoto, there are several "reclining ox statues". Some are made of stone, and some are made of metal. This shrine enshrines Michizane Sugawara , who is worshipped as the patron of learning because he was a great scholar, poet, and politician of the Heian Period of Japan. Power spotThe oxen are worshipped as his messenger. So it is believed you will become wise when you rub the head of "reclining ox" in prayer.Kitano Tenmangu is crowded with many students who are going to take school admission exams.These oxen are believed to have another power.If you rub the same part of the ox where your body hurts, it will be healed". Or if you rub the month, your business will continue for long.

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