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Araya Totoan, Yamashiro, Kaga, Ishikawa

The sparkle of snow on cedar, The chilling thrill of stepping across a footbridge to sip sake in a villa that once served as a weekend retreat for a member of the imperial family.
The spa bathing at Araya Totoan is unforgettable. There are two communal hot spring baths in nature and two communal indoor onsen. All of the 20 rooms at Araya Totoan have private bathrooms and five rooms have delightful private hot spring baths. With its Kaga red walls, so colored to honor the local lord, its Sukiya design using sliding paper doors, cushioned tatami space and silver of alcove for a single blossom, a silk scroll, the Ochin-no-ma room is exemplary of the refined living spaces at Araya Totoan. The novel presentation of delicacies at Araya Totoan is worthy of this gourmet artisan. Wintertime crab is served on leaves of bamboo, and roasted white fish,slightly salted edamame, thin pink ginger roots and pickled radish, on plates of kutani-yaki, or platters of lacquer.

Cool Spots in Winter

Address; Yamashiro onsen, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa-ken,922-0242