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Wasurenosato Gajoen, Kagoshima

In building Wassrenosato Gajoen, the proprietor hoped to create a place where people who no longer have a spiritual home town can find peace and comforts. Six formerly private homes were transported here and reconstructed over a span of 20years to house Gajoen’s 10 guestrooms, each giving guests very private farm-style living space. Ceilings are of wood, walls of plaster, a main room floored in fragrant rush tatami. Together they do exude the atmosphere of a country hamlet. A 20 ton rock has been carved out to form the inn’s unique open-air bath. 8 Of 10 rooms have private rotenburo. Delicately flavored meals are prepared using home-grown vegetables, free-range chickens, freshly laid eggs, and locally produced Satsuma pork.
Cuisine prepared from free-range chickens and hand-gathered wild vegetables, seasoned local style, is served in guests’cottages. Sipping shochu (distilled spirits) from green bamboo cups beside the fire of the open hearth is another Gajoen pleasure.

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Address : 4230, Shukukubota, Makizono-cho, Aira-gun, Kagoshima