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Noshiyu in The Kurokawa Onsen

The Kurokawa hot spring, located roughly in the center of Kyushu, is home to a number of highly individual inns, each with its own distinctive character. Noshi-yu, built on a rise overlooking the Chikugo River valley, prides itself on its spaciousness: a mere nine rooms in 3,960 square meters. Rooms incorporate traditional Japanese architectural features such as open fireplaces and sunken kotatsu braziers for worming guests staying in the outer buildings, and served in the dining room for others. The dining room is notable for its bright open kitchen, uncommon in a Japanese onsen ryokan. Surrounded by trees, the spacious open-air bath sends the soul soaring.
Guest rooms feature separate tatami rooms and high-ceilinged lounge space.

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Address : Kurokawa Onsen, Minami-oguni-machi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto