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Sanso, Murata in The Yufuin Onsen

Yufuin Onsen is on the East coast of Kyushu, about one hour drive from Oita Airport.
Tucked among the trees at the foot of Mount Yufudake,Yufuin remains a quiet onsen village.
Murata is a collection of rugged, century-old farmhouses that have been preserved and relocated from Niigata and from Shiga, near Kyoto. Several of the eight independent cottages, private apartments, are Gassho-zukuri, multi-storied fairytale farmhouses of pampas thatched roofs.
Each villa has 3 to 5 rooms, a large living room and a private hot spring Ofuro(Bathtub) of stone.
The bathing area is walled in natural cypress, and there are pictures windows for viewing the changes of the season. There are Le Corbusier sofas,Persian carpets, antiques, Western beds, down comforters, ample reading light, as well as Japanese Tatami rooms for those who prefer a futon.

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Address: 1264-2 Kawakami, Yufuin-cho,Oita-gun,Oita Ken, 879-51

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Japan tour,Yufuin,Kyushu