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Cool Japan

Welcome to Japan! Atlas Japan Tour has been actively served tourist groups coming to Japan. We are able to create numerous unique programs. Our achievements and experiences are rich and varied. What's more, our hospitality is simply second to none. Our experienced team of Tour Planning Operators will help your trip and make every member of your group feel welcome.
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We offer a complete tailor made service allowing you to decide when you go,where you stay and what to do.A sample itinerary below can be modified to your personal wishes including departure date, duration, accommodation, and how long you spend in each destination. This tour can be arranged all year.

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Trends in Japan inspire you in new ways.

COOL JAPAN - From the worlds of fashion, anime, architecture to cuisine, the cultural aspects of Japanese society have made a strong impact on global trends. Visiting Sub culture spots, such as Animation studio, Maid Café or an overnight stay at a capsule hotel or Machiya should fill the foreign travelers with wonder and excitement. We offer a complete tailor made service allowing you to decide when you go, where you stay and what to do.

Highlight of the Day 1 - MACHIYA stay in Kyoto

Kyoto MachiyaMachiya in KyotoStay at a Kyoto Machiya and celebrate the spirit of Japanese Culture. Machiya, a style of row house built since the Edo period.(103-1867). Characterized by a long, narrow design, each Machiya usually had an earthen-floor passageway running from the façade to a garden at the back of the site, with a series of rooms, small courtyard gardens, and a high -ceilinged kitchen in between. The experience of staying at one of Kyoto’s Machiya could make you encounter the spirit underlying traditional Japanese arts, or something worth remembering.

Highlight of the Day 2 - Manga(Japanese comics) & Anime(Japanese cartoons)

Kyoto Manga,Anime  MuseumKyoto Manga MuseumIt has been nearly a decade since the term”Japanimation” – and the fascination it generated – first resounded across the world. The visual creations cast forth by geniuses working from the heart of Japanese culture are now internationally recognized as ANIME..Japanese Anime, now so avidly enjoyed around the world, grew largely on the strength of television animation.
Japan's first museum dedicated to the full range of manga culture has opened in Kyoto. The Kyoto International Manga Museum has an extensive mission that includes not only conducting and presenting research but also spawning new industries and cultivating human resources. The museum currently houses some 200,000 manga-related items.

Highlight of the Day 3 - Kyoto Uzumasa Movie Village

Kyoto Uzumasa Movie LandKyoto Uzumasa Movie VillageAll day visit Arashiyama and Sagano Bambo trail in the morning. In the afternoon, visit Uzumasa Movie Village.Operated by Toei, one of Japan's largest movie makers, Uzumasa Movie Village or Kyoto Studio Park is the Japanese equivalent of Universal Studios. The impressive sets for historical dramas have ninja shows and give a glimpse of bygone Kyoto with geisha in kimono accompanied by fully armed samurai warriors. You can usually see contemporary dramas and samurai epics in the making on site.

Highlight of the Day 4 - Capsule Hotel in Nagoya

Capsule HotelCapsule Hotel in NagoyaTravel to Nagoya. A Capsule hotel is a unique style of accommodation in Japan, inspired by the pursuit of efficiency of space and functional comfort, originating from the adaptive, creative spirit of the Japanese mind.
Since most visitors to a Capsule hotel are Japanese business men who don't have time to go home, there are amenities there for people who didn't plan on staying away from home. You can shave, brush your teeth, take a bath, buy shirts, pants, belts, ties, undershirts. Check out was around 9 and starting at 7am they made public announcements reminding people to get up and get out.

Highlight of the Day 5 - Sumo Tournament in Nagoya

SumoSumo is one of the most popular sports in Jpan, with 15-day professional sumo tournaments held six times each year.The top ranking wrestler is called Yokozuna (grand champion).The winner of each tournament receives the Emperor's Cup, which is the top award, plus prizes from different organizations.Nowadays, several stables have been admitting hopefuls from all over the world, who often become popular sumo wrestlers.

Highlight of the Day 6 - Tokyo Anime Street

HarajukuTravel to Tokyo by Shinkansen, bullet train. Arriving in Tokyo, leave your luggage in the hotel. Visit Tokyo Caracter Street which has served as a center for people who want to buy goods featuring characters from anime and other forms of pop culture.

Highlight of the Day 7 - Earthquake Museum

Earthquake experienceThe Earthquake Museum is a place to learn everything you want to know about earthquakes. Find out why the ground shakes , how scientists study quakes , what you can do to prepare for earthquakes, great quakes of the past and you can share your earthquake stories .

Highlight of the Day 8 - Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara

AkihabaraThe Tokyo Anime Center is a permanent facility that has been created, to market anime to residents of Japan, as well as Western visitors. The facility will host regular events, live radio interviews with creators and voice actors, and merchandising fairs.

Highlight of the Day 9 -Vinegar Bar

Vinegar BarAs more and more consumers recognize the health benefits of su (rice vinegar), vinegar bars and cafes offering beverages that combine rice vinegar with ingredients like fruits and vegetables have begun to appear in Tokyo. They are attracting an increasing number of working men and women looking for new ways to beat the summer heat and stay healthy. These shops are competing for customers by developing original concoctions like desserts featuring rice vinegar and vinegar drinks made using oranges and grapefruits. Try some!

Highlight of the Day 10 - Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli,Hayao MiyazakiStudio GhibliUpon entering this museum, you will find Ghibli World. Illustrations hand drawn by Hayao Miyazaki are displayed all around the building and like the anime films produced by Studio Ghibli, the museum is filled with the spirit of service and attention to detail. Even if you haven't seen Ghibli films, once you visit, you will become a fan of Ghibli anime. Feel free to touch the storyboards of past Ghibli films and displays as the concept of this museum is completely different to that of other museums where you only view items displayed in glass cases

Highlight of the Day 11 - Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Japan Onsen,public bathOedo Onsen MonogatariVisit Oedo onsen Monogatari which is a large scale hot spring facility in Odaiba, built resemble the old city of Edo. You get to choose a yukata (kimono-style bath robe) 19 different designs to wear in the coed areas of the park, and bathing is not the only pleasure here: dressed in your yukata, you can dine, shop and have fun in Edo style.

Highlight of the Day 12 - Comic Market in Makuhari

Comic MarketComic Market is the Japan's largets Public gathering held at Tokyo Bg Sight.You can buy all kinds of Japanese manga doujinshis at reasonable prices there. If you love Japanese Manga or comics, you should visit here!

DAY13 Leave Japan

NOTE : This tour is organized on request only. Tour costs are subject to change according to the travel date and the number of participants. Itinerary is flexible to meet your requests and budget.


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Shinjuku at night
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