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Japanese architecture

Welcome to Japan! Atlas Japan Tour has been actively served tourist groups coming to Japan. We are able to create numerous unique programs. Our achievements and experiences are rich and varied. What's more, our hospitality is simply second to none. Our experienced team of Tour Planning Operators will help your trip and make every member of your group feel welcome.
Please send us the LinkIconPLANNING FORM with your requests. We'll make an ideal tour plan within your budget !

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We offer a complete tailor made service allowing you to decide when you go,where you stay and what to do.The Highly Rated Tour as a sample itinerary below can be modified to your personal wishes including departure date, duration, accommodation, and how long you spend in each destination. This tour can be arranged all year.

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Itinerary for 10 people from America
15 days from Oct.7th to Oct.21st : 245,604yen

The tour started in Tokyo, and then traveled into the countryside by express train to Noto Peninshula in Ishikawa Prefecture.Other highlights of the tour included a dinner with Maiko in a traditional Japanese restaurant in Kyoto.


Japan ToursAirport LimousineIn the afternoon, arrive at Narita Airport, and meet an English Speaking Assistant. Transfer to Shinjuku by Airport Limousine with the English Speaking Assistant. Arrive at Shinjuku and proceed to the hotel.
<Stay at a hotel in Tokyo>


Japan ToursYokoyama Taikan Memorial HallTokyo Sightseeing with a private English speaking Guide by public transportations. Visit Imperial Palace: Kokyo Higashigyoen, Tokyo National Museum, Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall, who was a master of modern Japanese style painting, and consistently painted through the Meiji. Please enjoy his genuine Japanese style paintings in screens, scrolls and horizontal scrolls.
Back to the hotel in Shinjuku. <Stay at a hotel in Tokyo>


Japan ToursTsukiji Fresh MarketMeet a private English speaking guide. Start Sightseeing with Tsukiji fresh Market, and have lunch at Kaiten-zushi, Sushi, go-round, restaurant. And then visit Tsukiji Honganji Temple.Then visit Edo Tokyo Tatemono Museum, which is a spacious and bright open-air museum that showcases 27 historical and cultural buildings from the Edo period to the beginning of the Showa period. Back to the hotel in Shnjuku. <Stay at a hotel in Tokyo>


Japan toursAsakusaMeet a private English speaking guide. Start sightseeing with Asakusa. Visit Sensouji Temple and stroll Nakamise Street. Take ferry from Asakusa to Hamarikyu Onshi Teien. After visiting Hamarikyu Onshi Teien, transfer to Odaiba by train. In Odaiba, visit Aqua City where you can find restaurants with nice view of Odaiba.
The group is divided into 2.Group 1 visits Otsuka Kagu(the biggest furniture showroom in Japan.) Group 2 visits Panasonic Center. At 18:40, a private coach will pick you up at Tokyo sta. for Dinner. Enjoy the Sukiyaki dinner and the New Half. Back to the hotel on your own. <Stay at a hotel in Tokyo>


Japan ToursKabuki-za in GinzaMeet a private English speaking guide. Start Sightseeing with Meiji Shrine and Omotesando where you can visit Oriental Bazaar shopping building. And then visit Kiyosumi Teien Garden which is an example of an ancient daimyo’s (feudal lord’s) pleasure ground. It is a superbly laid out and impeccably kept jewel of Japanese landscaping. Proceed to Suitengu for lunch. In the afternoon, visit Fukagawa Edo Museum, and then take a walk at Ginza shopping district. And enjoy Kabuki single show. Back to the hotel on you own. <Stay at a hotel in Tokyo>


Japan ToursThe view of Mt.Fuji from the Lake KawaguchiMeet a private English speaking guide. Proceed to Shinjuku sta. Travel to Lake Kawaguchi by highway bus. Arrive at Kawaguchiko sta. Go to the tourist office in the sta. and sign up for the luggage pickup service. Travel to Mt.Fuji 5th Station by local bus. Arrive at Mt.Fuji 5th Station.Take a bus to Kawaguchiko sta.. Arrive at Kawaguchiko sta. Visit Itchiku Kubota Art Museum. He was a Japanese textile artist. Call the hotel for pickup service. Arrive at the hotel and pack your stuff for luggage delivery service. Dinner at the hotel (Japanese food)
<Stay at a Ryokan in Lake Lawaguchi>


Japan toursMeet Hostfamily in KanazawaMeet a private English speaking guide. Proceed to Kawaguchiko sta by shuttle bus.Travel to Shinjuku by bus. Arriving at Shinjuku sta.proceed to Tokyo sta. by train. English Speaking Guide will take you to the platform and see you off. Travel to Kanazawa by bullet train, shinkansen on your own. At Echigo yuzawa sta.transfer to limited express for Kanazawa. At Kanazawa st. meet ATLAS staff and host family. Enjoy dinner with host family. <Homestay>


Japan ToursHigashiyama Geisha District in KanazawaIn the morning, transfer to ANA Crown Plaza Hotel near Kanazawa sta. Leave your luggage. Meet English Speaking Guide. By private coach, start sightseeing in Kanazawa with visiting Ninjya Temple, Experience Tea ceremony in Gyokusenen,a beartiful Japanese Garden. Take lunch in Higashiyama, geisha district on your own. And then visit Asano Taiko (enjoy Japanese Drum demonstration),and visit Manzairaku Sake Brewery. Drop off in downtown. Strolling shopping street area In Katamachi have dinner at a local restaurant. Go back to the hotel on your own. <Stay at a hotel in Kanazawa>


Japan ToursKanazawa CastleDivided into 2 groups, visit 2 courses. Group 1 is a Japanese Architecture Tour with an English Speaking Guide,a Japanese architect and a gardener. Theya’ll give you explanation. Visit Kanazawa castle, Kenrokuen Garden and Tea house and Old villa. Take Lunch at a local restaurant. Group 2: Walking tour with a volunteer English Speaking Guide. Visit Fish market, shopping area, Oyama Shrine, Bukeyashiki street(samurai residence street), 21st Century Museum. After lunch, visit Kenrokuen Garden and Kanazawa castle. Group 1 and 2 assemble in Kanazawa castle. Visit Traditional Arts & Crafts Museum. The private bus drops you off at the down town. Take Dinner at a local restaurant. Go back to the hotel on your own. <Stay at a hotel in Kanazawa>


Japan ToursRyokan Notoraku in WakuraPrepare luggage for delivery service. Meet a private English speaking guide. Visit Kanazawa Yasue Gold-Leaf Museum on foot. Go back to the hotel on foot to pick up your luggage and proceed to Kanazawa sta. Travel to Wakura by JR limited express Arrive at Wakura sta. Call the hotel and pick up service. Enjoy the wonderful hot spring at a gorgeous Japanese Ryokan and Japanese dinner.
<Stay at a Ryokan Notoraku in Wakura>


Japan ToursMorning Market in WajimaPack your luggage for delivery service. Meet a private English speaking guide. Proceed to the bus terminal by shuttle bus. The tour bus will pick you up at the bus terminal. Visit famous Wajima morning market, Kiriko House (where tall festival lanterns are exhibited), Senmaida(unique paddy field), Nansou Art Museum, Suzu Ware Museum, Mitsuke Island. Arrive at Wajima sta. Call the hotel for pick up service. Dinner at the Minshuku Wajima. (Japanese food).
<Stay at Minshuku Wasjima>


Japan toursWajima Lacquer WareMeet a private English speaking guide. A lacquer craftsman will accompany and gives you an explanation. Visit Ishikawa Wajima Urushi(lacquer museum)and Morning market. At theLacquer workshop, you can try "glazed decoration"on lacquer plate or lacquer chopsticks Take "soba noodle" lunch. Proceed to the station. Travel to Kanazawa by bus. Then, travel to Kyoto by JR limited express. Arrive at Kyoto sta. Meet English Speaking Assistant at the platform. Transfer to the hotel and check-in. <Stay at a hotel in Kyoto>


Japan ToursDinner with GeishaMeet a private English speaking guide and start sightseeing with visiting Heian Jingu Shrine, Kodaiji Temple. Take Lunch at a local restaurant. And then visit Kiyomizu Temple, and stroll Gion street(where you have chance to see Maiko or Geisha). English Speaking Guide takes you to the restaurant for dinner. Enjoy dinner with "maiko" in Japanese restaurant. Back to the hotel on your own. <Stay at a hotel in Kyoto>


Japan toursKinkakuji,Goleden PavillionMeet a private English speaking guide and start sightseeing with visiting Nijo Castle, Iraka or Akari Design Kobo, Kinkakuji(Golden Pavillion), Ryoanji (famous garden) Machiya Kobo(traditional townhouse workshop). English speaking guide will take you to the restaurant. Dinner in sophisticated Chinese Restaurant. After dinner, the private coach will pick you up at the restaurant to the hotel. <Stay at a hotel in Kyoto>


Meet a private English speaking guide and proceed to Kyoto station. Travel to Kansai Airport by shuttle bus.
Arrive at Kansai Airport. Leave Japan.

Tour fare includes

  • 14 nights accommodations including 2 night at a Japanese Ryokan or Minshuku
  • 14 breakfasts
  • 4 dinners including a dinner with “Maiko”
  • Airport shuttle bus
  • Admissions
  • New Half dinner show
  • Highway Bus to Kawaguchiko st., to Wakura, to Shinjyuku sta and to Kanazawa sta
  • Local Bus to Mt.Fuji round trip
  • Luggage delivery
  • JR train fare from Tokyo to Kanazawa
  • Arrangement fee for a visit to a home builder & gardener
  • 10 pax / Total Tour Costs per person
15 days from Mar19th to Apr.2nd
Cost per adult

This tour is organized on request only. Tour costs are subject to change according to the travel date and the number of participants. Itinerary is flexible to meet your requests and budget.

Japanese Architecture Tour

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

At Tsukiji Fish Market, the day begins very early, with the arrival of the catch and its wholesale auctioning.

Kiyosumi Teien Garden in Tokyo

Kiyosumi Garden

In the Garden, there are 3 big islands and a tea house on the pond. This garden remains one of the most pleasant traditional Japanese garden in Tokyo.

Ichhiku Kubota Kimono Museum

Icchiku Kubota Museum

This museum contains the works of the textile artist Kubota Itchiku who revived the traditional fabric dyeing technique of Tsujigahana through his own contemporary style called Itchiku Tsujigahana.

Myoryuji Temple - Ninja dera

Ninja dera

Myoryuji was built during the Edo period. The temple is normally called "Ninja-dera" because the inside of it is hidden many traps and gimmicks, like a ninja house.This temple would be recommend seeing as a number one priority.

Senmaida -Terraced Rice Fields

Senmaida Tanada

Senmaida (Terraced rice fields).Senmaida is a stair-shaped paddy field constructed on a steep mountainous slope The Japanese philosophy of harmony and peace roots in rice farming. This area was designated as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage.

Ishikawa Wajima Urushi Art Museum

Wajima Lacquerware

This museum has a large, rotating collection of lacquerware in galleries on two floors; works are both Japanese and foreign ancient and contemporary.

Japanese Cultures

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