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Taiko - Japanese drumming

Taiko is the Japanese word for drum.The literal translation of the Japanese word taiko is "big drum," although there is a variety of shapes and sizes of taiko available and used. Taiko is an indigenous part of the Japanese culture dating back more than 1400 years. Taiko referred to the Japanese art of drumming associated with religious ceremonies, festivities and various other occasions in ancient and modern Japan.
Experience the awe-inspiring sound of the Japanese taiko. Learn about the fascinating traditional Japanese drums — the taiko. Experience the music, the history and the concepts behind the Art of Wadaiko. Enjoy making music and receiving a good physical workout at the same time!Taiko is also different from other drumming because form, the way you play, is as important as rhythm—you have to look and sound good! Also, because of the size and the way you play the drums, Taiko has the added benefit of being a great workout and great at relieving stress—all achieved while having a lot of fun and making music!

TAIKO EXPERIENCE - The couple from Greece

This is how you play Taiko

Japanese Drumming. You have to have a certain stance. You need to bend your knees while you play because you might hurt your back. When you bend your knees you have to look like your sitting on a horse. This also gets more power to your arms.

All Taiko is played with bachi.

Japanese DrummingAll Taiko is played with bachi. The only hand drum in Japan is Kotsuzumi and Otsuzuni. You have to hold the bachi without having your thumbs on them. Hold on tight to the bachi or they might slip out of your hands.

To make a sound.

Japanese DrummingTo make a low sound on the drum you must hit near the end of the drum. To make a loud sound you must hit the center of the drum. To make a crescendo you must first hit the drum lightly near the edge and then hit the drum harder going toward the middle.

Wow Moment !
Group from Bergiun

Japanese Taiko
How big this drum is !

Japanese Taiko
The Taiko sounds are wonderful.

Japanese Taiko
I can't stop beating.......
Japanese Taiko
A perfect stress-reliever! ...