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Japanese traditional culture,Kyudo

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Kyudo is a Japanese form of archery.The Japanese bow is made of laminated wood and bamboo,and the arrow is a bamboo shaft with three feathers and an arrowhead.The shooting range is from 28 meters to over 60 meters,with a different size target for each range. In Kyudo competition,the archer stands erect in proper posture while attempting to hit the bull's eye.Kyudo, even if without much fanfare,draws great attention among martial arts enthusiasts.

Yabusame is the traditional art fo shooting arrows from hourseback.Its performance is held during festivals of many Shinto shrines. Here, the archer tries to shoot as many wooden targets as possible (set up along a course in the shrine pre-cincts ) while riding a galloping hourse.


A match winner is determined by the accumulation of total points scored from both shooting arrows and form.

Short-range Match
The range is 28m. The target’s diameter is 36cm. Mainly held indoors.

Long-range Match
The range is 60m. The target(s diameter is 100cm.Mainly held outdoors.

Places where you can experience Kyudo

Kyudo,Japanese archery

Enzan Dai-Kyujo in Kyoto

Enzan Dai-Kyujo is located in Maruyama koen Park.Maruyama Koen sits on a slope at the end of Shijo-dori Avenue, in the middle of the Higashi-yama district. The park one of Kyoto's most obvious landmarks for sightseers and is adjacent to the Gion geisha district, the Yasaka-jinja Shrine, Chion-in, Shoren-ji and Kodai-ji temples.In April, it attracts thousands of people for the hanami of cherry blossom viewing. Its numerous shidarezakura (weeping cherry tree) make it one of the best hanami places in Kyoto. The evening light up is particualrily beautiful. Mind that it can get extremely crowded at that time of the year. You can enjoy Kyudo experience at Enzan Dai-Kyujo at 1,000yen for 16 arrows or 800 yen for 10 arrows.

Japanese culture,Kyudo,Japanese archery

Aizu Bukeyashiki (Samurai house) in Aizu Wakamatsu, Fukushima

Aizu Wakamatsu is a historical city located in the north west of Fukushima Prefecture and has a reconstructed castle (Tsurugajo), several sake museums, a samurai house (bukeyashiki), a samurai school (Nisshinkan), a herb garden (Oyakuen), and a tall statue of a female Buddha (Kannon at Aizu-mura). You can try out judo, zazen (meditation), kyudo (archery), ikebana, and shodo (calligraphy) here.

Japanese culture,Kyudo,Japanese archery

Kaiko-en in Komoro, Nagano.

Kaikoen is a castle ruins park built on the site of Komoro Castle which was built by Takeda Shingen during the Age of the Civil Wars. Some gates rebuilt during the Edo period still exist. Fujimura Memorial Hall, Koyama Keizo Museum of Art, and a zoo are also built inside the park. The city of Komoro is located at an elevation of 670 meters on a slope between Mount Asama and Chikuma River. It prospered as a castle town when the Komoro Castle was built by the lord Komuro during the Kamakura period. As you stroll through the streets of Komoro seeing the adobe houses, old temples, and stone Buddha statues and feel the smoke rising from the peak of Mount Asama, you will feel very nostalgic.

Kyudo,Japanese archery

Komazawa Olympic Park in Komazawa, Tokyo

The Tokyo Olympics held in 1964 were the meetings that 94 countries participated in. This park is ruins of a sports stadium of the Olympics.Volleyball, soccer, wrestling were held here. Now it is got ready as a park, and many people use it. Now I become many trees and a park with a sports stadium. Baseball, soccer, tennis field, athletics stadium, outdoor pool, archery place, Gym...around them, there are nice running / cycling road around the park.

Kyudo,Japanese traditional archry

Matsumoto city Kyudo-jo in Matsumoto, Nagano

Famous for its superb castle, a national treasure, Matsumoto City is a small historic castle town.It is surrounded by mountains and is acclaimed for its beautiful views. Hiking and climbing locations in the mountains are readily accessible by local bus transportation.The city include many Meiji era heritage buildings such as the Kyuu Kaichi School, and brilliant museums such as the Japan Ukiyoe Hakubutsukan. To the west lie a string of 3000 meter (feet) high peaks that form part of the Japan Alps, providing a spectacular back drop to the city on clear day. To the east is the high mountain plateau called Utsukushigahara, with its panoramic views and many hot springs such as Asama Onsen. You can experience Kyudo at Matsumoto city Kyudo-jo at 300 yen.

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