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Atlas Japan Tours, atlasjapantour - Feel, learn, and experience the Japanese cultures and the traditions by Atlas Japan Tour, specializing in Custom Japan Tours for families, small groups or big groups.

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Welcome to Japan! Atlas Japan Tour has been actively served tourist groups coming to Japan. We are able to create numerous unique programs. Our achievements and experiences are rich and varied. What's more, our hospitality is simply second to none. Our experienced team of Tour Planning Operators will help your trip and make every member of your group feel welcome.
Please send us the LinkIconPLANNING FORM with your requests. We'll make an ideal tour plan within your budget !

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To gain a true understanding of another culture's way of life, sense of values, and way of thinking, there is nothing as powerful as physical experience - appreciating a Noh performance or sitting in a tearoom - that one begins to see the essence of Japanese culture. Atlas Japan Tour offers full range of cultural experiences. Such experiences should help you understand Japan more deeply. LinkIconTravel Feedback



Lectures provide an overview of Japanese arts and culture, and provide insights into Japanese society.
You can choose a theme, place and time according to your itinerary.
For example, a tea ceremony lecture teaches philosophical concepts of Wabi and Sabi.Lectures make your travel more valuable.

THEME samples

  • Traditional Arts
  • Japanese gardening
  • Religions in Japan
  • Japanese customs
  • Annual events and festivals in Japan  ・Sports
  • Japanese social and private life
  • Political Affairs and Economy  ・Language and Literature
  • Entertainment and taste ・Japanese swords
  • Traditional craft/ “Kumihimo-braid” or “Mizuhiki-paper craft”
  • Japanese traditional music instruments

Wow moment of the students from Belgium !

Japanese wind bell
Try to make a Japanese wind bell.
Japanese History Museum
Learn Japanese history
Japanese Dance
Take a Japanese dance lesson
Homestay with a wonderful family
Nail Art
Look! This nail art is fabulous!
Tea ceremony
At the tea ceremony
Japanese Drum
My first experience - Japanese Drumming