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Welcome to Japan! Atlas Japan Tour has been actively served tourist groups coming to Japan. We are able to create numerous unique programs. Our achievements and experiences are rich and varied. What's more, our hospitality is simply second to none. Our experienced team of Tour Planning Operators will help your trip and make every member of your group feel welcome.
Please send us the LinkIconPLANNING FORM with your requests. We'll make an ideal tour plan within your budget !

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Cultural, Sports and Art Exchanges

Japan exchange tour
We organize and manage a cultural, sport and art exchange programs between your country and Japan. Exchange programs contribute to international goodwill and understanding. If you have a plan to visit Japan, please let us know. We will find a good exchange partner and organize exchange activities in Japan for you.

Partnership Program

If you are actively seeking a new partner relationship in Japan, please let us know. It will be pleasure for us to become a bridge! Building a lasting relationship with international group may well be one of the most rewarding activities.

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Itinerary for 27 pax from France/11 days from June 10th to June 20th: Tour Fare: 158,588yen per person.


Hozukyo Kudari BoatArrive at Osaka Kansai Airport. Transfer to Kyoto by private bus. In Kameoka the Hozugawa Kudari boat and enjoy the journey down Hozu River, winding through the mountains from Kameoka to Arashiyama. Sightseeing in Kyoto Arashiyama, and Sagano Banboo Grove. <Stay at Rihga Loyal Hotel Kyoto>


Nijo-jo Castle in KyotoStart sightseeing with visiting Ryoanji-temple, Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion, Nijo-jo castle, Kiyomizu temple and sanju-sangen-do. Nijo-jo Castle. Nijojo Castle was built in 1603 by Tokugawa Ieyasu who intended it as his official residence in Kyoto. Ieyasu installed "nightingale floors" to prevent undesirable intrusions. Meeting and Conference with Japanese dentists at the hotel at 17:30 for 2 hours. <Stay at Rihga Loyal Hotel Kyoto>


The Buddha in Todaiji,NaraTravel to Nara, Uji and Fushimi by private coach.Visit Kofukuji temple,Todaiji temple, Kasuga-taisha shrine, Byodoin Hohodo, and Inari-jinja shrine. The largest and the oldest bronze Buddha image in the world in Todaiji Temple was made at the order of Emperor Shômu. It took 10 years to build the Buddha because of the disasters and riots. Travel back to Kyoto. <Stay at Rihga Loyal Hotel Kyoto>


Kanazawa Hakuchoro HotelIn the morning, free at your leisure.Travel to Kanazawa in the afternoon by private coach. Arrive at a hotel in kanazawa, and check-in.The interior of the Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel features elegant and dignified appointments in the neoclassic design, and you can enjoy different traditional arts and crafts such as Kaga Yuzen dyes and Kutani ceramics, displayed throughout the hotel. Meeting and Conference with Dentist group at the hotel for 2 hours.
<Stay at Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel>


Gyokusen-en GardenSightseeing with some dentists in Kanazawa. Visit Ninja-dera temple, Golden leaf workshop and Kenroku Garden. At Gyokusen-en Japanese Garden , please enjoy tea ceremony. Gyokusen-en is a two-story Ikeizumi-kaiyu style garden that takes advantage of a mountain precipice using the trees of Kenrokuen as a background (about 2380 square meters). And then visit sake brewery to taste Japanese sake. <Stay at Kanazawa Hakuchoro Hotel>


Ganmon in Noto PeninshulaTravel to Wajima in Noto Penishula by private coach.
Enjoy the beautiful the view of the Chirihama Sea coast, and visit Ganmon, and Sojiji temple. Ganmon is a cave that wave erosion of the rough Sea of Japan hollowed out in the center of a huge rock. The cave is 15 m tall, 6 m wide and 60 m deep. A small ship can go through it. The towering rock is covered with old pine trees. In Wasjima, visit Kiriko Hall and Wajima laquer ware Hall. <Stay at Minshuku Wajima>


Beautiful Himi Coast Line in ToyamaVisit Morning Market in Wajima. Travel to Shirakawago. On the way, enjoy the beautiful view of Himi Sea Coast Line. Himi is located in the northwestern part of Toyama and faces Toyama Bay to the east with the north and west sides bordering Ishikawa, with Mt. Isurugi-yama and other mountains in between. Visiti Shirakawago, World Heritage Village. Proceed to Takayama.
<Stay at Hotel Associa Resort Takayama>


Meiji Jingu Shrine in TokyoTravel to Tokyo by private coach. Arriving in Tokyo, visit Meiji Jingu shrine which is a great contrast to the hustle and noise of Tokyo with the forest of 120,000 evergreen trees blocking out the noise of the city. The forest of 365 different species of trees covers an impressive 700,000 square-meters (about 175 acres).and then visit Shinjuku. Hotel check-in. <Stay at Star Hotel Tokyo>


Yokohama China TownSightseeing in Kamakura and Yokohama. Travel to Kamakura by private coach, and visit Kamakura Engakuji, Hachimangu and giant Buddha Daibutsu. And then travel to Yokohama, and visit Minatomirai and China town. Yokohama Chinatown is the largest Chinatown not only in Japan but also in Asia (larger than Chinatowns in both Kobe and Nagasaki) and it is one of the largest in the world.. Back to the hotel in Tokyo. <Stay at Star Hotel Tokyo>


Ginza Kabuki-za in TokyoFree at your leisure in Tokyo. Japan's metropolitan offer a good combination of old and new, especially around Ginza area. Kabukiza, theater stages Kabuki show, is in the middle of tall savvy looking buildings & busy traffic. Back stage, they had professional performers, speaking some old language even some Japanese can't understand. <Stay at Star Hotel Tokyo>


Transfer to Narita Airport.
Leave Japan.

Tour fare includes

  • 10 nights Accommodations(based on double occupancy)
  • Private Bus
  • Toll & Parking Fees
  • Hozukyo Kudari Boat
  • Conference Room
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Sake Tasting
  • 10 breakfasts
  • 1 Free of charge
  • 27 pax / Total Tour Costs per person
11 days from June.10th to June.20th
Cost per adult
158,588 yen per person

This tour is organized on request only. Tour costs are subject to change according to the travel date and the number of participants. Itinerary is flexible to meet your requests and budget.

Exchange Tour

Japanese Cultures

< Friendship>

  • Japanese Gardener Association
  • Chanson Club
  • Kendo Club
  • Mom’s Chorus Group
  • Japanese Kite “Tako”
  • Kanazawa Badminton

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