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Tea ceremony

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Tea ceremony,Nagano

ZENKOJI Temple (Nagano city)

Erected approximately 1400 years ago, the national treasure of Zenkoji Temple is famous for holding the promise of paradise for all religious denominations.
Here,you can take part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Being strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism, the area surrounding Zenkoji temple is the ideal environment to enjoy this internationally famous ceremony.

Tea ceremony,Jpaan tour

TAHO-AN (Uji city, Kyoto Prefecture)

Taiho-an is the small house built for the tea ceremony. You can enjoy the Japanese green tea served in a stylized manner by a kimono-clad woman or momen. There is a Japanese style room with tatami floor and tokonoma alcove, they use antique utensils, and of course nice green tea is carefully prepared for the each guest. These things give the opportunity to experience the traditional Japanese culture to foreign people and to Japanese people as well.

Kyoto tour,tea ceremony

KODAIJI Temple (Kyoto city)

If you visit Kiyomizu-dera temple and then go down Sannen-zaka, Ninen-zaka and Nene-no-michi road to Yasaka-jinja shrine, it may be a good idea to drop by Kodai-ji temple.The main attraction of the Rinzai Buddhist Sect temple would be a small garden with two ponds, and a couple of tea ceremony houses that are National Important Cultural Properties. If you were interested in tea ceremony houses or tea ceremony, this temple might be of a good choice. They also have a simple Karesansui garden in which they display non-traditional arts during limited period in Spring, Summer and Autumn.Visitors can enjoy a fine bowl of green tea overlooking an excellent Japanese garden.

Kamakura,Japanese tea,maccha

HOKOKUJI Temple (Kamakura city)

Hokokuji Temple is one of Zen temple which belong to Kenchoji Temple of Rinzai Sect.The temple usually opens to anyone with entrance fee \200, 9:00 am~4:00 pm. Houkokuji is also called “the Bamboo temple”, being famous for the bamboo grove in the backyard, you can enjoy looking at the garden with served green powdered tea and sweets for \500.

Tea ceremony,Kanazawa

GYOKUSEN-EN Garden (Kanazawa city)

Kanazawa has a very large and very famous garden called Kenrokuen, which is reputed to be one of the three nicest gardens in Japan. Much smaller but very nice on its own terms is Gyokusenen Niwa. Gyokusenen has a fascinating history: it was started in the early Edo period by Naokata Wakita (family name last), who was originally Korean and brought back from Korea as a child after a military expedition. The garden is an extraordinary and beautiful place, and you can enjoy a bowl of green tea served by a woman wearing Kimono.

Tea ceremony :
A group from Italy

Tea ceremony
Enjoy strolling the beautiful tearoom garden.
Tea Ceremony
Purify your hands before entering the tearoom.
Tea ceremony
Serve the sweet.
Tea ceremony
Making tea.
Tea ceremony
Partake of a sweet.
Tea ceremony
Turn the chawan clockwise twice in order to avoid its front
Tea ceremoy
Drink the tea to the last sip.
Tea ceremony
Place the chawan in front of you outside the tatami edging
Tea ceremony
Nice Experience !